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Success Stories

Hi there! I am a 21-year-old student. I started my journey of therapy with Dr Jaya Mohan in 2020. It was a tough year for all of us, and it pushed me into a very vulnerable and hopeless phase, I thought there was no way out but then I started talking to Dr Jaya Ma'am. And I must mention that I had a previous history of having anxiety and had a few episodes of panic attacks and suicide attempts, but I had never undertaken therapy.
She not only helped me come out of that zone but her methods of reaffirmations and certain exercises reminded me what kind of a person I really am and that I should never give up on myself. 


I am a spiritual and honest person and I thank God for sending her into my life. I can confidently say that I owe my life to her. 

Today I am a confident & ambitious young girl with well-defined boundaries and I will always be grateful to her for letting me realise my true self.

"Thank you" will never adequately express my gratitude for Dr Jaya Mohan's presence and guidance in my life when I actually needed someone to rely on. Talking to ma'am is like talking to an old friend, yet someone who would patiently listen to you.

She made it all bearable and easy by tenfolds. With tendencies of suffering n panic and a destructive pattern of thinking, I was all gloomy, lonely, anxious, a puddle of insecurity.

Would always cry my eyes out feel unloved self-conscious and unwanted. Within a month of her guidance, words and sessions now I feel at ease and at peace with myself and my thoughts and behaviour I seem to have control over it being much more confident.

With the help of her podcasts, written and verbal exchanges, she helped me  overcome a lot, and yeah I'm a better me now, with no persistent hurtful thoughts.
I am really grateful for her assistance and guidance.

I remember I was quite spoilt. I had some anxiety issues. When I first met Dr. Jaya Mohan ma'am, I felt I had reached the person I was looking for. She told me some exercises which gave me a great advantage. She's not only a very good psychologist but also a very nice and a humble person too. There are the things that distinguish her from others is that she has some extraordinary skills of being calm, her soft speaking abilities, way of listening the problems. I would say she played a big vital role in my betterment since I met her. The confidence I got back because of Jaya Mohan ma'ams recipe of success.

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