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         'I would highly recommend having sessions with Dr. Jaya if you are facing any issue affecting your mental well being, or even if you simply want to discuss something with an adult and are unable to find someone to confide in. While I was introduced to her through a friend, I can vouch for the fact that strict confidentiality, integrity and professionalism is maintained.

Dr. Jaya adopts a holistic approach to mental well being and in my sessions with her, I was able to identify my insecurities / issues, figure out the reasons and action plan to resolve each through engaging exercises and with her constant guidance (without any kind of value judgement from her side and only based on my sensibilities and goals in life).

To add (especially relevant given covid), most of my sessions with Dr. Jaya have been over calls, including in times of major crisis, and she helped me get back on track quickly and seamlessly each time, despite the fact that she wasn’t in physical proximity.

I have definitely gained a new perspective which helps keep a calm and rational head through varied events of life, thanks to Dr. Jaya! And am very glad that many more people have access to her guidance to achieve their goals of wellness through this website'.



          'From day one I've been inspired with mam's way of dealing with Prevailing psychological issues, something most of us face or are very affected by. From persistently going through depression and anxiety issues to resolving them all with subtle changes in behavior and routine, all succored by mam's graceful guidance. For me it proved beneficial in every way and i feel anyone can resolve their problems with her help'.



            'It is very fortunate for me to get in touch with Jaya Mam, she is the only person who helped me alot during my bad time.

Sharing personal issue isn't easy. But even after such a big age difference I never felt that I was sharing my problems and personal issues with someone older than me.

            She had helped me alot and because of her I came back to the track of happiness.


                                                 A big thanks to you Jaya mam'.



      'I just wanted to share, we may feel enough to handle any problem but handling and solving has differences of understanding and she understands it, she has helped me overcome many situations. 

thank you for being there'

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