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Life is a journey with its highs and lows. Some days are good, full of joy, happiness and exuberance, and  there are days  when we are hit by the unexpected. 

Chasing Sunshine is all about helping people embark on a journey of self discovery and self-awareness. It is about learning new ways to live and to deal with the challenges life throws at them.
These unexpected challenges may leave some of us feeling low, down and sometimes depressed. Feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger, may cause stress and confusion leaving us perplexed or even overwhelmed. In times like these, we don't want to be judged and often long for unconditional support.
Chasing Sunshine is a platform where people facing behavioral, emotional and psychological problems can reach out for comprehensive support and counseling.  The platform provides an empathetic nurturing environment, maintaining strict confidentiality. 

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